QLYX Smart Cellphone Mount Review

Today's I want to share with you my experience and review of the QLYX smart cellphone mount.  Below is the full video review and screen shots of the app. as of the writing of this blog post.
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The mount is a solid mount for your phone.  The metal backing comes in several great color options that will for sure blend in with your phone back or case.  The mount also held with no issues on the local rough streets.  Overall I could not be more happy with the product when it comes to the mount.

As for the app, QLYX has some work to do.  First up it took a few tries before I got signed up, the screen shot below was my first few tries.  After that I was in and smooth sailing.

The main screen is straight forward and easy to read as you can see below.  Some tweaks I would like to see here is the ability to move things around.  This is a driving app after all, so I would like to see the map screen first over the weather.

Once in the app after the main screen set up was easy.  It was easy to add in your info and they had a handful of custom features.  The most important feature here is this is the location you set you "Default app".  I don't use Waze, so I changed it to Google Maps.  The second screen shot is all their current options.  The issue I had here was the app would always default to Waze, which became very annoying. 

Finally, the app will run always in the background...which eats up battery life.  This part didn't bother me, but I could see it bothering others.  

So to recap the smart cellphone mount by QLYX is strong, very well designed, and incredibly flexible with it's options.  However, the bonus smart features that use Bluetooth has some needs of upgrades.  Like I said in the video, I could see the app being useful if you are always in the car.  It is not the most economical investment in a cellphone mount, but it won't break easily and is very easy/quick to use.  Hopefully over time QLYX will improve the app and truly knock this one out of the park.

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