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123RF BlackFriday Sale on Now

Hope on over to 123RF to join in on their Black Friday sale that starts today and goes for the next five days.  (Nov. 22nd to Nov. 27th).  They are running a promotion of your choice on 15% extra credits or 15% off a subscription sale.  A great time to renew your subscription if you already have one.  To get the deal, just enter coupon code "blackfriday123"

New to 123RF, sign up here.

Dreamstime 10 Million Image Landmark

Dreamstime plans to hit their 10 Million image landmark sometime next week, eta Nov. 22nd right now.  In honor of this monumental occasion they are going to be giving contributors 100% of all their royalty earning on any photos of theirs sold within the 24 hour period when they hit the mark.  Also if you are an exclusive contributor they are providing you a 110% on all your royalty earnings.  Keep in mind this is only for 24 hours, but a nice way to kick off the holidays and to celebrate Dreamstime's landmark.  The lucky owner of the image itself will also get a ipad and DT trademarked t-shirt.  As for the buyers our there, you will be getting a 20% discount on all photo's bought in that time period.  Once again, thanks to the whole DT community for making this landmark possible for all of us.

VEER upgrades

Over the last month VEER has released some back end updates along with other new features you may have noticed.  First up was enhancing the upload interface while also adding the much needed full batch functionality on key-wording.  Another huge improvement is the change in the way they show the reporting stats.  The new system now allow you to view your lifetime, month breakdown or fully customizable date range.  The earlier system was based on weeks which made it very hard to track monthly sales.  Finally, to improve customer viewership they have launched additional support for French and Italian speaking countries which will greatly improve their presence in Europe. Check out the official press release here.

Shutterstock Revamped Contributor Page

Shutterstock last week unrolled their fresh contributor page.  Some of the improved features include a message center ban at the top of the page, rewards earnings right there when you log in, current download number for the month, and much more info.  Read below for the full list of feature.  Another cool little item is they now show a map of the world where your latest images that have been downloaded show up on.  Its very matrix like and will show you what part of the world just downloaded your image.  Is this feature pointless, yes, is it cool, very much so.  Keep up the great work Shutterstock!!!

These features took shape with extensive input from contributors, and we’re proud to lead the way in sharing information with our artists.

Explore these new features:

Message Center. Read about important announcements in the area at the top of the page. Monthly Earnings and Downloads. At a glance, see your earnings and downloads since the first of the current month. Latest Downloads. Check o…