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YAY adds Digital Source to Partners

YAY has added a new partner to their distribution list.  Digital Source is located in South Africa.  If you wish to opt out you need to log in to your account and do so.  If you are new to YAY, then click here to sign up.

Le Corbusier and Getty

The Getty family (includes iStock) will be reviewing portfolios to remove any images of Le Corbusier furniture after a lawsuit was filed in France against Getty images on copy-write violation.  See their notice below on the items in question and its best to check your portfolios on all your sites for any of these furniture items.  These pieces can be found in several public buildings that you might have worked in and could just be in the background and not the center of focus. 

Recently we have had to take stricter action regarding images of designer furniture in creative imagery coming in to both iStockphoto and Getty Images, specifically the furniture of french designer Le Corbusier. The owners of these designs are extremely protective of their intellectual property and we need to take a hard line on turning away images that contain this kind of furniture.
We will not accept Creative images containing furniture from Le Corbusier. We may also deactivate existing files containin…

123RF New Royalty Rates

123RF launched their new royalty rates that will go into effect on Jan. 1st, 2013.  Originally they stated that a new rate would be fore new contributors, but it looks like that might have been abandoned for this new system at the end of this year.  They are leaving plenty of time between now and the end of the year to hear the feedback.  Below is their breakdown of how your rates will be give.  Join 123RF here.  It will be hard to swallow $0.216 for the lowest sub sales in the industry. will be changing its Contributor Commission Payout on January 1, 2013. From now till then, shall continue paying our Contributors at a rate of:
50% net value for credits$0.36 per download for subscriptionsFrom January 1, 2013 onwards – 123RF shall adopt the new Contributor Commission Payout schedule depicted in the table below:

123RF shall round the monthly cumulative earnings to the nearest $0.01.

The mechanics of deriving a Contributor’s Commission are as follows:
 At the end of e…

January Sales Chart

Above is a chart feature the sales data for January, also so far total sales are up compared to January of last year.  The leader of the pack this month was Alamy which was due to a larger extended license sale.  Other top sites for the month included Dreamstime, Depositphoto, and 123RF.

Shutterstock launches "Sensitive License"

Shutterstock launches a sensitive use license that will allow an increase of sales of up to $75 per image.  Unlike several other companies, SS is going to let you opt out of this feature which will keep your models from being featured in sensitive ads for healthcare or other topics.  This is a great new revenue stream and also gives photographers great control of how their photos should be used.

To Our Valued Contributors,

We would like to tell you about an important update with great potential to increase sales for you. We are updating our
Contributor Terms of Service (“TOS”) to enable new sales with a royalty of up to $75 per image download.

Shutterstock services both small and large buyers. In addition to our standard and enhanced licenses, we provide custom licenses to buyers such as large advertising agencies. These agencies require more rights and some flexibility in how an image might ultimately be used.

That flexibility may include "sensitive uses." An example of …