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Pocketstock Drops Payout Rate

Great news over at Pocketstock!!!  They have dropped their payout rate to $30 instead of the ultra high old rate.  For a new company whose sales could be slow at first it is good to know that the $30 mark is in striking distance and more in line with the industry standard.  Below is the write up of what is new at the company.

Here is your update on the latest news from Pocketstock.

Some of you may not be aware that although we have been actively seeking new content since April, Pocketstock was launched to customers in August, meaning our images have been available for sale for a relatively short time.

Since August we have been hard at work building our customer base, which takes time. Progress has been relatively slow but that is something to be expected when a new company enters into such an aggressively competitive marketplace that is driven by discounting, offers and subscription.

Over the last two weeks, as part of our drive to sell to the top global brands we have seen a prom…

Alamy Tweaks Editorial Content

Alamy has tweaked its editorial images by giving buyer more options on how they can sort through the images to find the perfect content.  See the full write up below and join Alamy here.

We’ve been working on a project aimed at engaging creative buyers while making life easier for our editorial customers.  We want creative buyers to be able to see creative images without having to search through editorial images at the same time.  But we don’t want editorial customers to lose the great Alamy experience they have always had, and so we have added some improvements for all buyers.

We have had internal and external teams of editors reviewing the images on Alamy starting with the existing creative collection.  The aim of this is to individually highlight visually striking images that will appeal to creative professionals.
Customers now have three new search options; New, Relevant and Best of.
These search options provide new ways to get your images found and sold.

New – A way for edit…

Shutterstock on NYSE

Shutterstock launched on NYSE yesterday with a strong opening.  As of closing today (10.12.12) it was priced at $22.00 with ticker as SSTK.  See the write up below from the CEO/Founder Jon Oringer

Dear Shutterstock Community, Today was a very exciting day for Shutterstock – a day that wouldn’t have been possible without each of you. This morning, Shutterstock became a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. This milestone is the result of many years of hard work and innovation, and perhaps most importantly, the incredible talent of each of our contributing artists. Together we have built a thriving, diverse, global creative marketplace that spans more than 150 countries.

I can still remember the day I started Shutterstock in 2003, out of my apartment. I was trying to solve a business need I had for quality stock photos at an affordable price. Before I knew it, demand for these images surpassed what I could provide and I opened the site…

iStock New Update

iStock has some updates this month talking about its technology upgrades, updates to digital model releases and editorial images.  Check out all the info below.

September Performance
Despite downtime related to the launch of our new way to pay, iStock's performance in the month of September matched our overall expectations. Early trends show that we are attracting more new customers with the option to download without purchasing credits. On the other hand, the calendar meant this September had fewer working days than recent years, which partially offset those gains.

Regarding individual contributor results, we've been seeing mixed reports in the September sales thread and other sources. We do know that technical issues are making it difficult right now for contributors to clearly track their performance. We are looking into the underlying numbers to see what other factors may be at play in the September results.

Technology Update
Today we released a fix to lightboxes t…