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Shutterstock Viewfinder Contest

Shutterstock launches a Viewfinder Contest that focuses on photography challenges.  For example the first challenge this month is "Celebrating Life" so any image that you feel captures that enter it in for a chance to win some great prizes.  Check out their full write up below and join Shutterstock here.

Shutterstock contributors are some of the most creative in the business, and to us, that’s something worth celebrating. Cue the Viewfinder Challenge – a themed competition that gives you the chance to show off your best work and bask in the brilliance of your fellow creatives. You can even score some great prizes and major exposure while you’re at it.
The theme for the first challenge is “Celebrating Life.” Submit your best photos, footage, or illustrations that capture “a spirit of celebration, whether it’s personal, local, global, or universal.”
For reference, check out these collections of  examples of “Celebrating Life” our curator pulled together:

Celebrating Life Lig…

Getty Images Sold

Getty (and iStockphoto) is sold to new investors, but contributors should notice very little change from the transaction.  See below for the official writeup.

About the Sale of Getty Images:
Since they acquired us in 2008, Hellman & Friedman have been committed to our business. Their goal has always been to grow and strengthen Getty Images and then sell the company, when the time is right. We and Hellman & Friedman have identified a new owner to take the business into its next phase. We’ve now formed a new partnership between The Carlyle Group, the Getty family and Getty Images management to acquire Getty Images from H & F. We believe this new partnership is in the best interest of our Company as a whole, our employees and our contributors and image partners.

This new ownership is a positive move in the continued growth and success of Getty Images. Carlyle has an investment philosophy that is very similar to Hellman & Friedman, and we are confident that our …