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Free Business Cards from Fotolia and Moo

Get your free business cards from Fotolia if you are above the first level ranking.  You get a total of 50 cards for free and only pay the $6 shipping fee.  Check out the info below or sign up here

50 Customized Business Cards:

Using MOO's Printfinity technology, you can upload a different image for each and every business card. Then, enter all your personal contact information for the other side. Show off your work as you make new business contacts. Since each card is unique, it's like carrying your portfolio in your pocket!

The cost of the cards is free - pay only shipping. Valid for Fotolia contributors only - please do not forward this message. This offer is valid until June 15, 2010, or while quantities last.

Ready to start creating your cards? Click here and start creating your cards now!

Microsoft Office Plug-in & iStock Photography

Calling all stock photography users, iStock launched a new Microsoft Office plug-in that lets you insert iStock images directly into your documents.  This is also a great feature for contributors as it makes all your images available at a touch of a few buttons.

If you're a Microsoft Office user (and there's a few of you out there), then we're sending iStock straight to your desktop. The FREE iStock Ribbon plug-in lets you search for and insert iStock images directly into your PowerPoint presentations and Word documents, straight from inside the applications themselves.

The iStock Ribbon is currently available for Windows-based computers and is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 or later. Download the plug-in here and install it on your machine to get started. You'll be able to search directly from PowerPoint or Word, using your existing iStock account.

Alamy Summer Updates

Alamy has launched several new updates just in time time for the summer.  Take a look below at the highlights of the new features that they now offer.

As of March 25th they launched digital model and property releases that can be reused per images and are also available at the click of a mouse.  Also part of the model release world, Alamy now takes the widely popular "ID Release" iphone app that lets you get a signed off model release right in the field.  This app will email you and the model a PDF version right from your phone, ipad, or ipod touch.

As of last week Alamy began accepting 24MB instead of the required minimum of 48MB.  This is going to stream line the work flow of several photographers who had to upsize their images to the correct format of 48MB.  They do stress not to downsize your images to the 24MB size.  This is great news for my self as I can dump the special Alamy folder that had all the upsized images.

Coming this June 2010 Alamy will be launching a new…

iSyndica Upgrades

iSyndica has launched a few extra upgrades to their site.  You can now enter in sales statistics of any site into their system.  This will help if you want all your data in one spot, currently they automatically support around 30 sites.  Also, do you have an ipod...if so check out their ipod at which gives you stats at your finger tips where ever you go.

The write up is below:

You can upload your earnings for custom channels using CSV files.
First >> Go to the analytics screen and locate the upload bar at the bottom.

The format of your file needs to be either .csv or .txt. We accept any file for which: - Data is separated by comas:, or quoted comas: ","
 - The first field is a date such as "05/10/2010" or "2010/05/10" or "2010-05-10" *
 - The second field is your sales count (or number of downloads) | Value should be an integer
 - TheLast Field is the total commission amount in the provided currency | Value should be a decimal/ floa…

JPG Magazine Photo Contest

JPG Magazine is teaming up with Exposure for an annul photography contest.  Top prize is $10,000 or rent for a $1.2 million dollar apartment in New York City for a year.  Deadline is May 31st so enter now and click the link below for more information.

I'm that link below

FeaturePics Launches Canvases

FeaturePics has launched a partnership with another company allowing them product canvases as a print option.  If a buyer comes to FeaturePics and wants a canvas print they selected the button and you get 50% of the sale.  Read the press release below.

San Francisco, CA — May 15, 2010 — With today’s release of FeaturePics Canvas Printing Service in partnership with Canvas Art Designs, visitors can confidently and cost-effectively choose new print media for images purchased at FeaturePics.
FeaturePics Canvas Printing Service is an easy-to-use, affordable printing solution that enables small, independent designers and photographers to utilize a printing option that is both high quality and unique. Designed to be a step above ordinary printing, the newest addition to the FeaturePics lineup of tools allows visitors to order prints online with a number of canvas printing options available.
FeaturePics Canvas Printing Service will help level the playing field with larger photography site…

Veer Cash Program

Veer is looking for great images and they are willing to pay for it.  Similar to the DepositPhotos program, Veer is going to offer you cash for just submitting approved photos for a limited time.  The rate that you get will depend on several factors...see the chart below.  This is a great promotion as Veer is trying to beef up their collection of images and take a little more of the stock photography pie from the other guys.  If you are new to Veer they are owned and run by Corbis, who is now behind Getty Images after they took over Jupiter Images.  The program is running from Now until June 30th.  If you have not signed up at VEER, now would be a good time to look into them.

New contributorsGet 1 to 199 images accepted and you’ll earn $0.35 per image.
Get 200 to 399 images accepted and you’ll earn $0.70 per image.
Get 400+ images accepted and you’ll earn $1.40 per image.

Existing contributors (fewer than 199 images on 1 to 99 new images accepted and you’ll earn $0.35 per …

Page Updates

If you have not already noticed we have two page updates to report.  First up, Shutterstock has launched a new sign in look for their contributor pages, no more pop up box...woot woot.  For you older contributors you might have noticed the little man that was in the corner has been replaced and forced into retirement.

The second updated look goes to Alamy.  Alamy has finally given their front page a fresh update. Not sure if this is the winner to their contest they did a while back, I looked for the information and came up empty handed.  However, once you log in everything is the same over there...they could learn a lot from their microstock competition as I feel Alamy is very non-user friendly.

April Sales

As another month passes and we do our month look back at sales.  The top three are iStock, due to an extended license sale, Dreamstime, and then BigStock.  Over all the month was steady with very small amount of growth.  I have however begun a massive upload of new images that will take place through out May and June...hopefully after that is finished I will see a jump in the numbers.  Currently I am taking advantage of iSyndica's free upload promotion going on this week.

iSyndica turns ONE

iSyndica turns 1 year this week and to celebrate they are offering from May 1st to May 7th free distributions on their site to members.  There service is free, but if you want to sign up for a subscription then you can get 30% off right now, just enter "HAPPYBDAY" at checkout.  (subscriptions start at a low 19.95 for a whole year).

For those who don't know how iSyndica works or what it is here is the break down.

Instead of uploading all your stock photos to each service through a FTP program which takes time...iSyndica lets you upload just one time and distributes to all your stock photo sites for you. 

Other features include:
Secure data storage starting at 5GB
Secure backup and export functions
Included base credits starting at 1000 uploads
Social Network Promotion (free for everyone)

Sales and revenue reporting

Custom FTP/SFTP channel
No Advertising
Check the sites you wish to upload per batch
Choose your size to upload, full size to some sites where other sites you c…