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Feature Pics Launches API Service

Feature Pics has launched a new promotion program that will allow you to set up a API system for your site if you are printing, apparel, image site, etc.  Find out the details below.  If you are new to Feature Pics you can join here.

If you are running a site (print services, apparel, etc.) that can benefit from showing our images – we can help you to design or redesign
it using our API.

When you implement the API, your clients will be able to search images and illustrations and make an order on your site.
We can help you with the database design, the e-commerce, and, of course, with an implementation of our API for your site.

February Sales Chart

Attached is the chart for Febuary sales.  The month was ok, nothing to exciting to report.  Top three earners are: Dreamstime, 123RF, and Shutterstock.  For a full list of sites I am on, check out the links off to the site.

Dreamstime Image Mapping

Dreamstime time has launched a image geo mapping feature that will allow contributors to start tagging their image locations.  You can do this by editing your images or if you have a camera that has auto GPS recording and the feature is turned on the geo tag info will be attached when you upload your new images to the site.  I can only assume that this will become a future feature for buyers will be able to near searches by.  Of course this could take a while if you have several images on the site.  Sign up for Dreamstime here.

Fotolia launches Audio

Fotolia has launched stock audio with the partnering of AudioMicro.  The guys behind Fotolia have had a fruitful partnership with audiomicro on flixtime, but with their recent investment in the company they are now driving Fotolia users to the site.  If you are an auto sock contributor be sure to check out the program via Fotolia's or AudioMicro sites.

On a side note, Fotolia has hit the 12 million file mark for their site.