Drone for the Holidays! Breakdown of the Force Flyers ZF08 Drone

Picked this drone up for only $20 and it has been a lot of fun.  I am simply a drone amateur which of course leads to a lot of crashes and one of the reasons I didn't buy the $100+ ones on the market.  For that reason, I would call the ZF08 Drone a great toy or something to learn on.  If you are more experienced or want something more high end Force Flyers also carries those drones, for example here.  But of you are looking to give a drone as a gift or want something affordable check out my review of the Force Flyers ZF08 Drone.  Use coupon code: "SAVE20" or check their website (Force Flyers) for the latest deals.

Comes with extra propellers incase you bend or brake one.  Everything is included as it comes with instructions, remote, screw driver, and charging cable.

The drone does have a short battery life of about 10 mins, but also charges quickly.  The propellers come with guards you can attach, but I quickly bent mine.  Once they are bent the propellers it the protec…

Trying out a White Noise Machine by AuCuTee

Living in a urban core of a large city can often bring unwanted sounds in the middle of the night and when I had a little one I learned about the benefits of a white noise machine in regards to sleeping.  To block out those nightly noises I did some searching on Amazon and found the all fan powered white noise machine by AuCuTee.  Who said white noise machines are for babies only!  The video above is a quick review and overall look at the product I thought was a great by, so be sure to check it out.  Feel free to also click on the Amazon link and ready what other people have to say about AuCuTee.

The white noise machine comes with (2) 5V/1A - USB plugs which make it idea for charging those extra devices (i.e. phones, watches, e-readers, etc.).  I keep my machine on our dresser, which leave plenty of room for extra hardware to hangout.

AuCuTee features 3 run time options, which is wonderful for those just needing some noise to help sooth you to sleep.  Nothing like hanging out in bed …

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reviews - Featuring Sbode

Totally loving the Sbode Bluetooth Speaker I picked up for a nice price on Amazon.  This speaker is truly portable and not afraid of getting wet, which is a big plus for outside use.  Sbode does not stop there as the speaker packs a really nice punch when it comes to sound and it will get any party enjoy the video and feel free to comment.

Check it out here on Amazon

Crystal Clear Loud Sound 360 stereo sound
Very easy to pair with your device (Bluetooth 4.2)
Tough and Durable Design
Waterproof (Not sure I would trust putting it under water)
Built-in wireless FM
Micro SD card
Auxiliary 3.5mm port
8 hr battery life

Dash Cam Reviews - Shishuo Dual Dash Camera

Shishuo makes a affordable dash cam combo that is outstanding for the price point as you will see in the video above.  The product comes with a secondary rear camera, charger, cord management, 16GB Micro SD Card.  Check out the product here on Amazon:

View from the front facing Camera at Daytime:

View from the front facing Camera at Nighttime:

View from the rare facing Camera at Daytime:


1080P Video (1920x1080 @ 30 fps) - front cameraLoop RecordingImpact recording that locks the recordings to keep from erasingG-Sensor (for collisions or hard braking)Motion Detector (turns on with movement)Parking Mode (records if movement is felt while parked)170 Degree viewing angleQuick emergency video lock button to save last fileSupport up to 32GB card

Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews - Vital Sleep

Hey all its Kevin here and above is a video review of VitalSleep anti-snoring mouth piece.  It really does work to my surprise.  below is an image of how the mouthpiece works to open your airways.  Truly allowing to get you the full amount of air at night and giving you a well rested deep sleep.

 The mouth piece is made up of medical grade parts and full customization to give you a comfortable fit.  The blue gel molds to your teeth when you follow the start up instructions.  The second photo shows how you can adjust the bottom part to give you a truly comfortable and custom setup.  Do note that it takes some time with the adjustments, so don't give up on the first few days.
Hit me up with any questions or comment on YouTube or here.  Also, be sure to subscribe and like my YouTube video.  Checkout VitalSleep website for the latest deals.

Some other great facts about VitalSleep: Treats and quiets snoring rapidly the first night of use.FDA-cleared, BPA- and Latex-free and made from FD… - 2 Slice Retro Toaster Review

So my old toaster that I had from college finally died on me.  I have had that thing through many changes in my life: college, girlfriend, marriage, creating a you can just image the heartbreak.  All kidding aside it was time to pick up a new one as you don't want to cross a 5 year old without their waffles.  A friend told me about ToBox and how they have great products and great pricing.  They even show you the coast breakdown and what they earn on the products.  So after comparing them to the big box stores it was time to give them a try.  I was even more impressed once the product arrived, but to learn more watch the YouTube video below.

Currently you can get this toaster for $12, which is crazy.  Use the link below and promotion code as the toaster is on sale for 50% off and the code gets you another 50% off.  Enjoy


QLYX Smart Cellphone Mount Review

Today's I want to share with you my experience and review of the QLYX smart cellphone mount.  Below is the full video review and screen shots of the app. as of the writing of this blog post.
Right now you can pick up a DEAL HERE and use code QDRIVE

The mount is a solid mount for your phone.  The metal backing comes in several great color options that will for sure blend in with your phone back or case.  The mount also held with no issues on the local rough streets.  Overall I could not be more happy with the product when it comes to the mount.

As for the app, QLYX has some work to do.  First up it took a few tries before I got signed up, the screen shot below was my first few tries.  After that I was in and smooth sailing.

The main screen is straight forward and easy to read as you can see below.  Some tweaks I would like to see here is the ability to move things around.  This is a driving app after all, so I would like to see the map screen first over the weather.

Once in the app…