Elite Creed Natural Soap - Great Holiday Gift

I love all the natural soap options by Elite Creed.  The soaps provide a outstanding lather that leaves your skin feeling hydrated.  They use only high quality natural oils such as organic olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, unrefined Shea butter, and more.  These luxurious soaps also has none of the following:

No SulfatesNo PhosphatesNo ParabensNo Synthetic ColorsNo PetroleumNo Palm Oil
Be sure to check them out on Amazon or on their own website.  They will make a great holiday gift this coming season.

Samsung POWERbot R7040 vs Neato Botvac D85 - Never Vacuum Again!

I have officially replaced my Neato Botvac D85 with this Samsung POWERbot R7040 and what a difference.  I loved my Neato simply because I hated vacuuming up the constant pet hair.  But the Neato always had battery issues and would randomly go on a beeping frenzy to clean the empty tray.  This lead me to banishing it to the garage when not in use and also to looking for a better option.  So now I welcome Samsung POWERbot R7040 to the family, or as we call it Samo7000.

The POWERbot does an outstanding job and has a great suction power for our needs.  They do have other models with increased suction power or battery life, so see what model works for you.  When it comes to cleaning is seems to map the room and follow a path to make sure it hits all the spots.  A efficient way to run considering the original Roomba just bounced around until they got almost everything.  The bin was big enough for my who house and supper easy to empty.  If it over stuffs the bin the first time just tweak how …

Testing out VERKB Wireless Karaoke Microphone

I bought the VERKB Wireless Karaoke Microphone for a party and it was a big hit! Very easy to set up and has several options to get music playing. I used the easiest method of just hooking it up via Bluetooth to my iPod Nano. The speaker has some strong sound output and the when it comes to the Karaoke you have a volume control options on both the music and the voice so you can hear the person singing. Really can't go wrong if you are in the market for a Karaoke mic as it is pretty affordable and is a solid built product. I am very happy with it and I am sure it will be entertaining my household for years to come.  Check it out on Amazon

Qidoou Smart Sport Watch Review (Affordable Watch for Fitness Gurus and Kids)

I picked up the Qidoou Smart Sports Watch as I wanted something to track my fitness and allow me to see when people called without always grabbing my phone.  The watch is very light and in turn comfortable, which surprised me with the rubber wrist band.  Considering everything it does and the price point also makes a great watch for kids or teens.  My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and I had no issues connecting once I downloaded the 2 apps (FunRun & BTNotifications).  FunRun is the fitness tracker stuff and the BTNotifications is how your phone gets the message, calls, etc.

I only used the apps to set up the phone after that really didn't need to access them, so I wish they could combine them into one app.  Battery life has lasted me all day, but you need to charge it nightly.  Several built-in apps, so you have a little something for everyone.  Don't expect it to be the same level as the high-end brands, but it does all the basics plus a lot more for the price.  Overa…

Lasuavy Makeup Mirror - Full Breakdown Review

We needed a mirror for our bathroom and this one gets the job done.  I use the Lasuavy Makeup Mirror when I am shaving and my wife uses it when she is doing her makeup.  So far and have no complaints and the batteries seem to be lasting.  It is setup very flexible as you can fully adjust the angles of the sides and main mirror.  Adjusting the sides really helps applying makeup according to my wife as the left side has magnification of x2 and x3.  The light provides an even look when using the center mirror and it can be dimmed to whatever brightness you want.  A cool feature is if you don't want to use the 4 batteries you can plug the mirror in via the Micro USB slot.  Overall I am very happy.  Check it out on Amazon!


Light Weight Dimmable Light with power on glassPowered by Batteries or USB plugAdjustable angles of main mirror and side flapsMagnification zones of x1, x2, & x3Sturdy stand with bin under to hold itemsFlaps fold over mirror to protect it when not using it

Affordable Bluetooth Earbuds by Zero Fire

With so many products now removing the headphone jack I wanted to find a good pair of affordable Bluetooth Earbuds.  ZeroFire fit that bill for me, but don't expect them to match the $150 to $200 dollar brands on sound quality.  With that said, I didn't need that level of quality out at the gym or play music while doing yard work.

For the price you can't bet these earbuds and it is not the end of the world if you loose them due to their price.  They charge quickly, the case is small for travel, and they lock well in my ears.  They do come with several size ear attachments, but the pre-installed ones worked great for my ears.  No issues connecting to my phone, computer or iPod Nano via the Bluetooth.

They also have a ton of features like answering phone calls, noise cancellation, and water resistance (I have not showed with them, but they say you can).  In the end I have been happy with them and if needed I would buy them again.  If you want to check it out on Amazon the l…

Aplomb Adjustable Laptop Table Review

I absolutely love my adjustable laptop table that Aplomb has made.  I use it when I am working on my laptop in front of the TV and my son uses it when he is doing his homework. 

In my home office I set it up on my desk for when I want to work standing up.  The removable supports on the surface hold the laptop in place with ease and the other one is flexible to give your wrist support when using a mouse. 

The product is fully adjustable which is nice as I tweak the height and angle pending on my use.  The product also collapses for compact storage and is light weight for transporting.  I am a very happy customer and I might need to get another one of these for the office.  If you want to check it out on Amazon the link is HERE.