Top Travel Vacuum Cleaner - By Cafele

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    Needed a vacuum cleaner for my car and came across this guy. I have been very happy with it so far and it does a good job sucking up all the unwanted hitch hikers on the floor and seats that just happen to blow in or fall from my child's snack cups. Everything is easy to use and the container is easy to empty. The hose attachment plugs in the front and is nice to get into the hard to reach areas. The Dustbuster also has some bonus features which helped push it over the edge from the other brands. Features include a nice light on the handle that lights up those dark spots. The biggest bonus is the air compressor part on the back. I love that I can use it to fill up pool toys, balls, tires, etc. and basically turning this little vacuum cleaner into a one stop shop sucking and inflating machine. Only feature I have not used is the Wet/Dry feature, so not sure how it holds up with the water part. Either way I love it and would buy it…

Z-Edge T4 Dash Cam Review

I recently upgraded my old dash cam for the Z-Edge T4 and love it. The touch screen alone is a huge plus for the system as it makes it super easy to control and use.  I like the for modes (Drive, Park, Scene, WDR), however I really use the drive the most. The other mode I use is the WDR to help improve the quality of the camera at night. The G-Sensor works great as it automatically locks the video when it feels a bump.  This prevents you from over writing any important videos in an event of a accident. Also, with the touch screen it has a quick lock button incase you see something or need to manually activate it. Several other camera make you mess with the settings to find this and it is less safe when driving. All and all very happy with the camera's and highly recommend it.

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RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review - Take Fortnite to a new LEVEL

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Take Fortnite or other games to a new level with this RGB gaming mouse pad.  Checkout the full review and have continues ease of your mouse on this colorful and stylish setup.  Let me know what your set up is in the comments below.

TONOR Handheld Wireless Microphone Review

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I needed a microphone for several events that our organization throws throughout the year.  I settled on these because you get 2 microphones and they are super easy to use for a great price.  Just simply plug in the transmitter end into the system and set the channel.  The mics have great range and I have not run into any issues yet on that front.  The sound is crisp for our needs and I don't get feedback when using them.  Overall very happy and can't beat the price for this all in one setup.

The $24 Affordable Lermom Bluetooth Headphones Review

For Bluetooth earbuds the Lermom are not bad and the price is what make these stand out (currently only $24 on Amazon).  The sound is ok, but don't expect to be blown away with the quality when comparing them to the $100+ brands.

The earbuds for me by themselves would not stay snug in my ears, however with the over the ear attachment they worked great.  Looking around I didn't see many brands with this flexibility, so I thought that was cool.

Battery life seems to last for a little over 2 hours, but the base station holds a few charges for on the go.  Ether way if you are looking for an affordable Bluetooth earbuds that wont ruin your day if you loose them, check these out.  I would say these are the most affordable Bluetooth earbuds I have reviewed, but not the best, so check out my other blog posts.

BEST Automatic Cellphone Mount? Lets Review Engync

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I love this cell phone mount for my car and totally happy with it. It holds my phone so securely that I never have to worry about it falling out when I hit bumps on the road. It is super easy to use by tapping the button on the top to open and the automatic closing feature is nice because you don't have to mess with pulling the side flaps...does it all for you.

I would totally upgrade if they ever make this cell phone mount as a wireless charger...hint hint Engync. I use the vent clip as it places the phone at the perfect level for my car. However the window/dash mount has a ton of mounting options due to all the adjustable angles, which makes it great for a Uber or Lift driver.

I have a Samsung Note 9 if anyone wants to know the phone I am using it with. Only complaint I could say is the instructions are only in Chinese so they are not helpful if you are confused on the setup.

Geekoala Turntable Review - Unboxing Record Player

Classic wooden record player review by Geekoala.  Great all in one turntable or vinyl player.  Includes Bluetooth connectivity, 3 Speed Vinyl Turntable, Built-in Stereo Speaker, Vinyl-to-MP3 Recording. 

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