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Alamy Contracts Updated

Alamy is updating their Contributor Contracts to address the new offering of video and news content.  This is great news for several photographers who shoot heavy in the editorial category.  It will also be a great new outlet for stock video users.  We will let you know when the new features launch.  Until then checkout the full write up below and head over to look at the contract updates.

We've updated the standard Alamy Contributor Contract in order to include definitions and clauses for both our upcoming offerings in video and news content.

You can view the full contract here. You can view a summary of changes here. You can view a directory of our previous contract changes here.Other than the odd grammar tidy up, nothing else has been changed.
As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to email Member Services who will be happy to help. During UK office hours, they have a fantastic average response time of less than one hour.
Also, for up to the minute news, musings and in…

123RF Upgrades

123RF has launched a few new features on their site over the past month.  First off they now allow you to log in through your existing facebook or google accounts.  Second up they now offer a auto suggest feature, which shaves seconds off your searching and helps with spelling.  After all, we know a lot of us can use help in that department.  Other things they have improved is better algorithms for image searches, a subject cluster which allows better organize the images you are searching for.  Finally they announced changes to their rewards and loyalty program will be forth coming on August 18th of this year.  New to 123RF, Join Here

iStock Revamping Referral Program

iStock is revamping their referral program in the very near future.  Currently they have given us a little taste of what is to come by bumped the reward from $10 to $20 for new buyers if they make a 26 credit purchase in 30 days.  To help convince the buyer to join they are also giving them 15 free credits to use.  There newsletter shows a third box about winning a trip, which goes to the two top users that refer the most new customers by August 31st..  Stay tune for the latest update.  Join iStock here

In a couple of months, we're going to be launching a completely redesigned and rebuilt referral program. We've already made several improvements to streamline things, but most importantly we're doubling the referral bonus effective immediately.

That means you can earn $20 (USD) for each and every new customer you refer to us, and as long as they make a purchase of 26 credits or more within 30 days of signing up, you're in the money. We'll even help you motivate your …

Veer Overhauls

Veer continues to grow and change accordingly.  First up out with the group ideas pages and cheesy portfolio page and in with a new profile page.  This new profile page will replace the locations above with a better way to promote your content as a designer or photographer.  All these changes went into effect last Friday so log in and start customizing your personal page.  Below is the office press release via Veer.

Dear Veer Contributor, Last week, we let you know about some changes coming to the Ideas section this summer. As a contributor, the biggest changes you’ll notice are to the Portfolios and Groups features of Ideas. Both of these features will be retired and removed from the site on July 8th, 2011.However, we’re looking forward to providing you with even better tools to promote your work, and get news and updates from your Contributor Team.Today, we’re excited to start by rolling out new and improved Public Profile pages just for contributors, to replace the old Idea…

iStock Tweaks Site

iStock did some minor tweaking to their site and added some new features.  First up you can now search by price range.  The fewer the dots the cheaper the images and this will make it easier for buyer to get exactly what they need for the price point they have in their mind.  Second you can now filter out editorial images or creative images...allowing you more tailored licensed content.  Final features, you can refine your searches by color, copyspace and image orientation.  So go checkout the new features and happy searching.  Join iStock here.

123RF Makes Editorials Easy

123RF if making uploading your editorial shots even easier.  Now instead of make sure they are uploaded via a different link you can upload as normal and all images will be reviewed as editorial potential.  This will increase 123RF editorial contact and keep photographers from accidentally sending the images to the wrong place.  Read the office press release below and sign up for 123RF here.

As you may already know, we have implemented a new feature on our site, the Checkbox "If my submissions are unfit for RF, I agree to allow them to be accepted into the Editorial Section provided they are deemed to be newsworthy." is now apparent when you submit images to be processed.
We implemented this because we understand that contributors are (at times) unable to obtain/acquire releases for street photography and other images. Therefore, in order to save your time to re-uploading to the Editorial section, we're going to shunt these into Editorials for you.
Hence, our revi…