Qidoou Smart Sport Watch Review (Affordable Watch for Fitness Gurus and Kids)

I picked up the Qidoou Smart Sports Watch as I wanted something to track my fitness and allow me to see when people called without always grabbing my phone.  The watch is very light and in turn comfortable, which surprised me with the rubber wrist band.  Considering everything it does and the price point also makes a great watch for kids or teens.  My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and I had no issues connecting once I downloaded the 2 apps (FunRun & BTNotifications).  FunRun is the fitness tracker stuff and the BTNotifications is how your phone gets the message, calls, etc.

I only used the apps to set up the phone after that really didn't need to access them, so I wish they could combine them into one app.  Battery life has lasted me all day, but you need to charge it nightly.  Several built-in apps, so you have a little something for everyone.  Don't expect it to be the same level as the high-end brands, but it does all the basics plus a lot more for the price.  Overall I have been enjoying it.  If you want to check it out on Amazon click HERE.


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