Who needs Floss when you can WATER PICK!

So I have a lower metal retainer from when I had braces and I hate flossing because of it.  Flossing can be a pain since you have to buy a special threader, go in and out, etc.  My dentist suggested I get a water flossier or pick instead of doing nothing, which lead me to this product.  I love the fact that it is a rechargeable unit that can travel.  It also does not take up a lot of room on my counter and is super easy to clean....all very important.

It does take some getting use to when using it as it can make a mess.  If you choose the wrong settings (i.e. to strong) or are new to flossing or water picks your gums might bleed (I was told this is normal).  I find the normal water pick attachment the best for me and the normal or soft setting over the pulsing setting the best.  Only negative thing I can really say at this point is needle jet pick is way to strong (I felt like I got in a fight with a bloody mouth after using it)  and I have not had the unit last for 30 days on a single charge...maybe they mean 30 days without use.  I can say the charge last for a whole week of use, which is fine for me.

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